Collections – HERE Maps

Stories & Challenges:

  • List of favorite places gets too long to be useful after a point. Organize places into Collections to plan, share or remember them
  • Planning ahead can be important when making a trip or visiting unknown places. Plan on desktop and use on mobile to get directions, search etc.
  • Going out often involves collaboration with friends. Collect places jointly with a circle of friends


Collections was designed firstly from the need to plan and explore places and further to remember and organize explored places one might stumble upon, by chance or by choice. Collection is a medium to make location experiences personalized and socially relevant.

Design Intent:

An integral part of HERE maps, Collection users can save and organize POIs, addresses, current location or even favorite routes in a few taps. Collections become one’s footprint and tell powerful stories that can be shared with others. Becoming a local expert or leveraging the power of local knowledge has never been easier!

First public betas can be downloaded here

Google play

App store


HERE, formerly a division of Nokia
June 2014 – December 2014 | Team size – 2

What I did

  • Interaction design
  • Some visual design
  • Prototype for usability testing