MaxPro Cloud – Honeywell

Existing Challenges:

Security and fire products have been sold over decades and very little retrospection happened at the product level since then. The product portfolio of Honeywell is too disparate presently, and it highly demands a convergence towards an integrated and consistent experience. This shift has to happen, so that a new ecosystem can be designed for another few decades.

Research & Finding:

After meeting over 20 customers across 6 countries in Europe and 3 states in US, we synthesized gigabytes of audio and video recordings, notes and images, to come up with 7 different buckets of problems that our customers face. The need for an integrated system was evident, hence MaxPro Cloud was born.

Solution & Design Intent:

MaxPro Cloud is a highly differentiated, single integrated commercial security system offered by Honeywell. It is a connected commercial security service that would offer all elements of security in a single solution.

  • MaxPro Cloud would provide network and cloud based solutions for design, selling, configuration and maintenance
  • It would incorporate human centered design to provide simple methods to deliver complex and bespoke solutions
  • It would provide plug and play integration with other Honeywell products facilitated by a common protocol
  • It would be the start of a connected business solution and enabler for Honeywell and it’s customers to develop further solutions

Touchpoints & Scenarios:

We identified multiple touch points for this new integrated security system such as web, tablet and mobile, depending on the user role. For example, the security admin of a building might want to monitor the status and perform limited tasks at odd hours or when they are off duty on mobile, whereas a system configurator need a fully functional web interface to view and modify system settings.


Honeywell International
August 2015 – April 2017 | Team size – 5

What I did

  • User research
  • Leading IX effort
  • Prototype & usability testing
  • Resource planning and budgeting
  • Managing a design team of 5