Designing for customer convenience – Zalando


My close to 3 years journey in the number one fashion e-commerce platform of Europe started with a complete overhaul of the post purchase experience of Zalando.


My mission was to reduce the apprehension associated with online shopping, by redesigning My Orders & My Returns section of Zalando so that our customers can shop more confidently. It was a marriage between qualitative and quantitative research that translated into design solutions that created huge customer satisfaction while generating positive business impact.


During the process I worked with number of product owners, data scientists and engineers from sizing, sustainability, payments, content and logistics teams to ensure the impact of my design runs deep and wide.


In Q4 2019 the new return process reported a total savings of 6.9M € and reduced the returned packages by 1.9M which contributed towards the CO2 offsetting by a huge amount.

Zalando SE
August 2017 – Ongoing | Team size – variable

What I did

  • Design sprints
  • Ideation sessions
  • Wireframe
  • Visual design
  • Usability testing